Collaborative Book Outline

Education for a Digital World [title]

Advice, Guidelines, and Effective Practices from Around the Globe [subtitle]


David Porter

Part 1: The Impact of Instructional Technologies

Chapter 1: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning
Dr. Patricia Delich, Kevin Kelly, Don McIntosh

Chapter 2: Virtual Design Studios : Solving Learning Problems in Developing Countries
Dr. Kris Kumar

Chapter 3: Challenges Confronted and Lessons (Un)Learned: Linking Students from the University of Ghana and Kwantlen University College
Dr. Charles Quist-Adade

Chapter 4: Addressing Diversity
Dr. Madhumita Bhattacharya and Maggie Hartnett

Chapter 5: Mobile learning in developing countries : Present realities and future possibilities
Ken Banks

Chapter 6: The Impact of Technology on Education
Dr. Mohamed Ally

Part 2: Creating Online Courses

Chapter 7: Learning Management Systems
Dr. Don McIntosh
with contributions from Kevin Kelly and Randy Labonte

Chapter 8: We're Not in Kansas Anymore : Entering Os--Exploring Open Source and Free Software
Julia Hengstler

Chapter 9: Quality Assurance by Design
Niki Lambropoulos

Chapter 10: General Principles of Instructional Design
Peter Fenrich

Chapter 11: Accessibility and Universal Design
Natasha Boskic, Nathan Hapke, Kirsten Starcher, Kevin Kelly

Chapter 12 Articulation and Transfer of Online Courses
Finola Finlay

Chapter 13: Planning Your Online Course
June Kaminski and Sylvia Currie

Chapter 14: Assessment and Evaluation
Dan O’Reily and Kevin Kelly

Part 3: Implementing Technology

Chapter 15: Understanding Copyright : Knowing Your Rights and Knowing When You’re Right
Dan McGuire

Chapter 16: 'Open licences ' of Copyright for Educators
Julien Hofman and Paul West

Chapter 17: e-Learning Standards
Dr. Randy Labonte

Chapter 18: Leadership and e-Learning : Change Processes for Implementing Educational Technologies
Dr. Randy Labonte

Chapter 19: Building Communities of Practice
Shawn Berney

Part 4: e-Learning in Action

Chapter 20: Instructional Strategy
Peter Fenrich

Chapter 21: Media Selection
Peter Fenrich

Chapter 22: Computer Based Resources for Learning
Peter Fenrich

Chapter 23: Computer Based Games for Learning
Dr. David Kaufman and Dr. Alice Ireland

Chapter 24: Evaluating and Improving Online Teaching
Kevin Kelly

Part 5: Engagement and Communication

Chapter 25: Tools for Online Engagement and Communication
Richard S. Lavin, Joseph Tomei, Paul A. Beaufait
with contribution from David Brear

Chapter 26: Techno Expression
Kevin Kelly and Dr. Ruth Cox

Chapter 27: Social Media for Adult Online Learners and Educators
Moira Hunter

Chapter 28: Online Collaboration
Paul A. Beaufait, Richard S. Lavin, Joseph Tomei

Chapter 29: Identity in Online Education
Joseph Tomei, Paul A. Beaufait, Richard S. Lavin
with contributions from
Tod Anderson, Kathryn Chang Barker, Karen Barnstable, Lynn Kirkland Harvey

Chapter 30: Supporting Learning Through Communities of Practice
Dr. David Kaufman, Kevin Kelly, Dr. Alice Ireland

Chapter 31: Looking Forward : Stories of Practice
Elizabeth Childs and Susan Crichton