This page is now wildly out-of-date, and may be inaccurate as regards book title, chapter titles, order of chapters. It is being kept for the time being for archival purposes. Any edits will probably go unnoticed. 2008-06-03.

Collaborative Book Outline

Title: Empowering Education for a Digital World: Advice, Guidelines and Effective Practice from Around the Globe.

David Porter

Part 1: Creating Online Courses

Chapter 1: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning
Patricia Delich, Kevin Kelly, Don McIntosh
Chapter 2: General Principles of Instructional Design
Peter Fenrich
Chapter 3: Articulation and Transfer of Online Courses
Finola Finlay
Chapter 4: Planning Your Online Course
June Kaminski, Sylvia Currie,
Chapter 5: Addressing Diversity
Madhumita Bhattacharya and Maggie Hartnett
Chapter 6: Accessibility and Universal Design
Natasha Boskic, Nathan Hapke, Kirsten Bole, Kevin Kelly
Chapter 7: Assessment and Evaluation
Dan O’Reily and Kevin Kelly
Chapter 8: Quality Assurance by Design
Niki Lambropoulos
Chapter 9: Understanding Copyright: Knowing Your Rights and Knowing When You’re Right
Dan McGuire
Chapter 10: The Impact of Technology on Education
Dr. Mohamed Ally

Part 2: Administration of Online Programs

Chapter 11: Learning Management Systems: Commercial
Dr. Don McIntosh Kevin Kelly and Randy Labonte
Chapter 12: We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Entering Os--Exploring Open Source and Free Software
Julia Hengstler
Chapter 13: e-Learning Standards
Dr. Randy Labonte
Chapter 14: Leadership and E learning: Change Processes for Implementing Educational Technologies
Dr. Randy Labonte

Part 3: e-Learning in Action

Chapter 15: Instructional Strategy
Peter Fenrich
Chapter 16: Media Selection
Peter Fenrich
Chapter 17: Computer Based Resources for Learning
Peter Fenrich
Chapter 18: Computer Based Games for Learning
Dr. David Kaufman and Dr. Alice Ireland
Chapter 19: Evaluating and Improving Online Teaching
Kevin Kelly

Part 4: Engagement and Communication

Chapter 20: Engagement and Communication - Educator Perspective and Identity
Wendy Burton, Lynn Kirland Harvey
Chapter 21: Engagement and Communication - Learners' Identities and Stories
Paul A. Beaufait, Richard S. Lavin, Joseph Tomei
Contributors: David Brear, Lynn Kirkland Harvey, Karen Barnstable, Kathryn Chang Barker
Chapter 22: Techno Expression
Kevin Kelly and Ruth Cox
Chapter 23: Supporting Learning Through Communities of Practice
Dr. David Kaufman, Kevin Kelly, Dr. Alice Ireland
Contributors: Paul Stacey, Sylvia Currie, Dan O’Reilly, John Grant, Andrea Sator
Chapter 24: Building Communities of Practice
Shawn Berney
Chapter 25: Looking Forward: Stories of Practice