About this Wiki

The usefulness of this wiki increases as more contributors become active participants. Some things we can all do to keep things ticking along are:

  1. Keep any pages related to your chapter(s) (probably findable from here) as up-to-date as is practical. Remember that chapter pages don't need to consist exclusively of abstracts, outlines, and other "hard" content, but can also house your questions about how to proceed, about possible linkages with other chapters, and so on.
  2. Tag at least the pages to do with your own chapter(s). To do this, click on the page tab at the top of the relevant page, and then choose Details and Tags. The wiki admins have added tags to many of the pages based on a quick read, but you as authors have a privileged perspective on what your work is about that may allow you to add tags based on words that may not be in the abstract, and to remove any you find unsuitable. The more accurate and thorough the tagging, the easier it will be to find links between chapters and between editions/books. See Collaborative Book Tagging for more on this.
  3. Participate in discussions. Perhaps you were a contributor to the first edition, and you think there are some important lessons to be learned for next editions. Perhaps you just have some basic questions about deadlines or about processes. If you contribute your thoughts and questions to the wiki, they will be available to all project participants. To participate, simply click the discussion tab at the top of the page where your discussion makes the most sense. For example, if you have a question about the project as a whole, you would probably want to start your discussion on the home page. If you want to discuss the schedule for the 2nd edition, then you'd probably want to do that from the Schedule page. If you want to discuss our publisher, then do it from that page. If in doubt about where a discussion belongs, please take a look at the Homeless Discussions page before you decide on a specific location.

  • If you remember, please add the tag discussions to any page to which you find or start a discussion; this will make such pages easier to find.